A stolen moment in a museum can emanate pure magic.

To me, the extraordinary lives in stumbling into an unexpected, quiet back corridor filled with antiques and afternoon sun. It inhabits courtyards lined with sculpture and flutters across gilded frames.

For many of us museophiles, museums are not stale displays of objects encased in glass — they are capsules of life and culture, mirrors of society and self.

By no means comprehensive or expertly done, it is my intent to make the Museo Files a place of its name. I hope to fill this blog with some of the explorations, experiences and education I have found in both forgotten galleries and bustling treasuries across Europe and the eastern United States. Beyond an illustrative exposition of exhibits past, there will also be resources, critical discussions and short bouts of research about museums, art and the things that constitute the two.

Welcome to what I hope will be a fun and interesting compendium for all, from the knowledgeable to the curious.

* I cannot claim ingenuity for this blog title, as I happen to enjoy reading “The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British” by Sarah Lyall before partaking on this blogging adventure.