Beverly Buchanan, or, Saying ‘Yes’ to Modern Art


Welcome to 2017, museum lovers! May it be filled with thoughtful exhibitions even better than the last.

With the new year comes the end of the Museo Files’ long hiatus from the blogosphere. This has been due to some life changes, foremost of which is my enrollment in a Museum Studies Master’s of Arts program in New York City. This has been terribly exciting but has also demanded much of my attention, especially in combination with a part-time position in a gallery.

The coming semesters will undoubtedly be equally busy, but I have made it a prominent personal goal for 2017 to resume writing about the many museums I encounter. While I plan to look back at some of the amazing — and less-than-amazing — exhibitions and museums I have seen in the past several months, I will also continue to expand my museum world with visits to new places and ideas.

A genre of art I often struggle with is modern and contemporary art, which is just where I headed with one of my first visits of the year.

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